Thiruvathira Mahotsavam

This is the 8 days annual festival of the temple complex ending on ‘Thiruvathira’ morning of Malayalam month ‘Dhanu’, considered as the birth day of ‘Lord Siva’. This is a rare twin festival believed to be celebrated by ‘Sree Parvathy’ along with all her devotees, relatives and friends to enhance the well being of all women folk and the prosperity of their consorts. It is celebrated systematically with every day ‘Athira neerattu’ (rejuvenating morning bath) and ‘Thiruvathirakkali’ in the soothing moonlight. There are also the ceremonial festival functions like ‘Siveli’, ‘Sreebhoothabali’, ‘Utsavabali etc. as usual. The ‘Karthika’ is (normally 5th day) believed to be witnessed by all the celestial powers of the universe to cheer ‘Lord Siva and his ‘Ardhangini’. ‘Karthika deepakazhcha’ is the most beautiful light assembly of oil lamps, in Kerala, with the participation of all the devotees present. The procession of ten selected ornamented elephants with the accompaniment of the best ‘Panchavadyam’ and ‘Chendamelam’ is an added attraction.


Celebrated on the 10th day after ‘Vishu’, the agricultural New Year day of Kerala. After usual rituals in the morning, there is ‘Kazcha Siveli’ towards the evening. Special ‘Chuttuvilakku’ and ‘Niramala’ is offered. Then a very special ritual is performed here. Goddess Sree Parvathy is ceremoniously taken in procession on an ornamented elephant, with ‘Thalappoli’ to the ‘Guruthi panthal’ near ‘Karottamma’s’ sanctum sanctorum.There Sree Parvathy adorns the seat of the Chief Guest and in her presence ‘Desaguruthi’ is performed at midnight to appease Karottamma for the welfare of all the locals. After this Sree Parvathy return to her sanctum. This ritual is known to be performed here only.

Special Events

Vinayaka Chathurthi: Special offerings to Lord Ganesa, in the 1st Malayalam month ‘Chingom’ (Chathurthi of Sukla pakshom).
Kanni Ayilyam: Special offerings to Nagaraja in the month ‘Kanni', the second one of Malayalam calendar.
Saraswathi Pooja- Vidyarambham: Offerings to goddess ‘Saraswathi’ from ‘Durgashtami’ to ‘Vijayadasami’.
Mandala Pooja: Special offerings to ‘Sree Dharma Sastha’ for 41 days starting from 1st of ‘Vrischikam’, the 4th Malayalam month.
Shashti: Special offerings to ‘Bala Muruga’ in the Malayalam month ‘Dhanu’.
Makarachovva: ‘Guruthi’ to the mother goddess ‘Karottamma’ (1st Tuesday of the Malayalam month ‘Makarom’)
Maha Sivarathri: Special offerings (very special- tender coconuts) to ‘Lord Siva’ in the month, ‘Kumbhom’.
Vishukkani: Arranged on the ‘Vishu’ morning (in the month Medam)
Prathishta dinam of Sree Dharmasastha: The ‘Uthram’ star of the Malayalam month, ‘Medam’.
Prathishta dinam and Ashtabandha kalasa smaraka dinam: The installation day of ‘Vadakkedathu’ and the ‘Ashtabandha kalasa smaraka dinam’ of ‘Thekkedathu’ temples. The ‘Atham’ star of Malayalam month ‘Mithunam’. Special offerings and ‘Kalasabhishekam’.
Karkidakam Palpayasam: Special offerings to ‘Lord Siva’ on the first 7 days of the Malayalam last month ‘Karkidakam’
Niraputhari: On an auspicious day of the month, Karkidakam.